Be a Great Coach eLearning Course
Be a Great Coach eLearning Course

Be a Great Coach eLearning Course

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As valuable of a skill as it is is, few leaders know how to coach their employees in a way helps the employee move forward productively.

Instead of relying on quarterly check-ins or annual performance reviews, Be A Great Coach shows you a communication style that you can use to shape, guide and grow your employees’ performance daily or as needed.

Using a six-step process for coaching, you will be able to collaboratively discover solutions and create mutual agreements without overemphasizing power, authority or “right and wrong.”

Upon completion of this eLearning you will:

  • Understand how and why coaching works
  • Create a model for the type of coach you want to be
  • Create mutual agreements with your employees that lead to their growth
  • Be equipped with two methods of coaching that you can use daily
  • Have a six-step process to follow when coaching employees


  • One full year of access to the on-demand, self-paced eLearning course
  • Pause, rewind and re-watch at your convenience
  • Practical tools you can use immediately at work and in your personal life.
  • Interactive activities and a final quiz to aid in and measure retention.
  • Free downloadable participant guide ($65 value)