Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle
Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle
Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle
Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle
Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle

Performance Mangement eLearning Course Bundle

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Imagine it’s time for the annual performance review. Here we go again with the same useless and painful process!   

As the employee, you never speak up or say much in these meetings, because speaking up never changes the result, regardless of how you do your job.

As the leader, you find performance reviews difficult as well because it’s hard to remember a year’s worth of feedback, deal with a defensive or emotional employee and end the process with no specific performance plan for the coming year. 

The first course in this on-demand eLearning bundle; "Maximize Performance 365," will help you shift your focus as a leader from performance reviews being a dreaded, once-a-year event to an ongoing, continuous performance management process of goal setting, coaching, supporting and developing employees. 

The second eLearning course; "Conduct the Performance Review Conversation," will give you a 5-step coaching process that takes the guesswork out of conducting a performance review. You will also learn phrases you can use to redirect a conversation if an employee becomes emotional or argumentative.

When you implement the approaches from these courses, your direct reports will feel more respected, listened to and involved in the performance management process. They will walk away from an annual review with a clear development path and a sense that their work contributions matter to the organization.

Upon completion of this eLearning bundle, you will:

  • Be familiar with the ongoing, interdependent activities needed to maximize employee performance 365 days a year
  • Have a plan to communicate expectations, monitor results and review performance
  • Understand the key types of goals that need to be established for employees and how these goals relate to expectations
  • Apply a balance of accountability and inspiration in managing all levels of employee performance.
  • Have the necessary framework to build a “365 Performance Plan.”
  • Have a five-step coaching process designed specifically to foster employee engagement and buy-in
  • Be poised to conduct performance review conversations with greater competence and confidence
  • Have a strategy to create agreement between you and the employee
  • Be able to redirect and focus the conversation if the employee gets defensive or argumentative


  • One full year of access to the on-demand, self-paced eLearning course
  • Pause, rewind and re-watch at your convenience
  • Practical tools you can use immediately at work and in your personal life
  • Interactive activities and a final quiz to aid in and measure retention
  • Free downloadable participant guide ($65 value)